BROTH:he secret of our broth is the combination of carefully selected Japanese chicken and several kinds of vegetables grown in Itoshima. We cook these special ingredients at a high temperature in pressure stock pots, which condenses the rich flavor of the chicken into our broth.

NOODLES:We use custom-made noodles manufactured at Keishi Noodle using selected flour only. Their skillful craftsmen make our special noodles which hold broth well, and bring a rich, profound flavor to your mouth.

「TARE」-SPECIALTY SOY SAUCE FLAVORING:Tare is the essential seasoning base for ramen. We select pure-brew soy sauce ourselves to make Tare which brings out the flavor of the broth. Refining this Tare is one of our biggest priorities, and every day we do this in order to improve our ramen.

RARE CHASHU:We use Japanese pork loin to make Chashu. The secret of its perfect juiciness is the way we cook it: at a low heat, and for a long time. Towards the end, the temperature is gradually raised to the point where sterilization can be completed, so the pork is safe to eat. This way, the flavor of the pork loin is trapped inside and the Chashu goes amazingly well with our ramen.

SPECIALTY SCENTED OIL WITH ITOSHIMA VEGETABLES:The flavor of several kinds of vegetables from Itoshima are extracted with soybean oil to make our specialty scented oil.

ADDITIVE-FREE:We exclusively use natural ingredients and try to maximize their amazing quality without relying on synthetic additives -Our ramen is good for your body.